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XML Code Processor in TRM/xx - Getting Started

It is easy if you bought TRM/xx system together with XML code processor. The software is preinstalled on an internal compact flash card (CF card), the system is ready to run. Step guide for the next things:

Step 1: Unpack the TRM/xx system.

Step 2: Make cable connections with TRM/xx. Connector your TRM/xx with your network.

(Use the hardware documentation for information where to connect cables.)

Step 3: Power ON TRM/xx.

We delivers TRM/xx with XML Code Processor and a preinstalled standard XML configuration file. After booting you see a display message like this:

Step 4: Setting IP adress, F1: ip

For using full features of TRM/xx, please connect it via your network. Use our standard XML configuration file for setting an IP adress inside your network.
Important 1: Remember your new IP adress! You need it for further working!
Important 2: After your input the new IP adress will be used!

Last Step: Try an FTP file transfer connection between your desktop PC and TRM system

Use IP adress of TRM - set in step 4. Use an FTP client software on your desktop, e.g. WS_FTP or others. Open an connection with user "xml" and password "xml". See following screen shots:

Using XML Code Processor in TRM/xx

Congratulations! That´s all. Your code processor and the first XML configuration file (the small setup program) are running.

Now you can download your own XML files into the TRM/xx. Samples for XML config files are on our sample page.

On the other way - there are some useful things to know:

1) The name of the XML configuration file inside TRM/xx has to be "trm-code.xml" always!

It does not matter how you name the XML configuration file on your PC - but if it is in TRM/xx the code processor looks and starts a file named TRM-CODE.XML.

2) The configuration file is always on the compact flash card in TRM/xx (CF card).

Buying a TRM/xx with XML code processor indicates you have an installed compact flash card CF card inside the system. We will do this for you.

3) The CF card is mounted as /mnt/cf.

4) If you want to download your own XML confíguration file, you have to download a new version of trm-code.xml directly to the CF card and restart the system.

How you can download an own XML configuration file? - With FTP! Here is a short introduction about download with FTP:

Step 1: Create a FTP connection to TRM/xx. User "xml", password "xml".

Step 2: Download TRM-CODE.XML configuration file from your PC to the TRM/xx.

Step 3: Abort running XML application in TRM

In our demo file, use F4: ende / restart the system. You see a XML Code Processor ABORTED message on the display of the TRM/xx and you can restart with ENTER. During restart the code processor will automatically use the new XML configuration file.

That´s it! Now you can create own XML configuration files on your desktop PC, download them into the TRM/xx and use them there!

You can view an XML configuration file with your browser...

You can edit an XML configuration file with your PC editor

or you can edit your configuration file with our PC software TRM-CODE-GEN.EXE

Of course our PC XML code generator TRM-CODE-GEN.EXE for WIN32 is the easiest way for editing your own XML configuration file. If you use this software, there is an FTP client included - so the software can do everything for you! Our XML sample file shows like this:

Screenshot in origin size

Do you miss something? If yes please contact the author...


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