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First steps - How to work with XML configuration files

Using configuration tool XML code processor means: instead programming you define an configuration file in XML format, download it into TRM/xx and runs it there as application software. See XML code processor overview for information.

There are different ways how to change and edit XML configuration files for your XML code processor: a technics way and a more smooth way for beginners.

The technics way: Use a simple PC editor or a shareware XML editor for editing XML files, e.g. notepad.

The more user way: use our XML code generator software TRM-CODE-GEN.EXE for doing this.

Best idea for gettting started: first of all, view our sample page and download some XML configuration files as sample on your desktop PC.

The technical way: change / edit XML config files with PC editor

Next - if you prefer the technics way: use a texteditor e.g. NOTEPAD.EXE for changing XML fields. Do not miss to view und understand the XML field desription. This field description shows what fields exist and what they do. With this information you can change and edit a given XML configuration file yourself.

After you are finished use an FTP download software for downloading your XML configuration file into the TRM/xx system. Use the IP adress of the TRM, user is "xml", password is "xml". The compact flash card is /mnt/cf and the XML configuration file has to name as TRM-CODE.XML.

Reboot the system and try our own appliction.

The smoother way: change / edit XML config files with XML code generator

The other and more easy way is the XML code generator software TRM-CODE-GEN.EXE for Windows. This program contains the field description automatically - so you do not have to take care about XML fields and specials. Additionally this programm gives you more freedom and a preview function for designing your user interface, display and inputs and more.

Screenshot of the german program version. International version as download!

File list:

The XML code generator software itself. Contains the EXE program for WIN32. The ... marks the version number. The *-EN version contains the international / English spoken software version!

Contains information about the current version. Read it and be informed what is better (or bader) then the version before.

DLL file for internal FTP inside the XML code generator.

Definition file with before / after subroutines.

INI file. You can update it from the menu inside the XML code generator. We save some important values to make life easier when you start the software again.

PROMO-FOTO.xml or other XML file
A sample XML configuration file.

Note: The XML code generator is wridden in VB.NET. DOT.NET software needs the Microsoft framework on your PC. If you do not have the framework on your PC, you will receive an error message during startup. The framework is free - best idea is to download and to install it from Microsoft webpage directly**.


The installation of the XML code generator is easy: just copy all files into one folder and start the software. Try to open the given sample XML configuration file and work around a bit. Do not forget to configure the internal FTP client to download the XML file into your TRM/xx.


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