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XML Code Generator - a useful tool

The mission: everybody can create his / her software...

Generelly there is no need for a configuration toolkit on the PC: our XML interpreter / XML for code processor for terminal devices understand simple XML code - you can use every text editor for manual creating XML files.

But of course - this is not the best way: we created an XML code generator Windows software for an easy and user friendly XML configuration. We call it TRM-CODE-GEN.exe for WIN32.

XML TRM Code Generator

The XML TRM code generator software is a Windows PC based software tool for easy and user friendly editing and changing XML configurations files on your local PC. The benefits:
  • Graphical user interface for creating, editing and FTP downloading XML configuration files
  • Complete integration of XML field description for XML interpreter / XML code processor
  • Simply application design and display preview
  • Integrated FTP client for downloading XML config file into external device with XML interpreter / code processor

How it works... introduction:

Step 1: Unpack files from ZIP file TRM-CODE-GEN.zip english version into a special folder.
There is no complicate installation. Simple unpack the files in one folder.

Step 2: Start the software TRM-CODE-GEN-EN.exe on your local PC.

Step 3: Open a sample file --> FILE --> OPEN FILE
A sample XML file is inside the ZIP file.

If needed: activate expert mode in --> EXTRAS --> Expert.
This gives you more options, e.g. for using subroutines, showing variables and more.

Your monitor will divided into two halfes: The upper half shows a table view with all XML object lines. The lower half shows a detail view of a selected XML object line.

Below of the table are some navigation keys. You can use them for an easy navigation through the table. A marked XML object line from the table will be shown in detail view in the lower fields.

Block TEXT describes text output inside the display.
You can define several lines of text display output. Use row and col to specify the position where the text has to be shown in the display.

Block INPUT describes user input for each XML object line.
A XML object line may contain a input. You can define the position of the input (cursor position in row / col), the min / max length, the kind (numeric or alpha), barcode / RFID serial input, a name for storage and the next object where to go after user input.

Block SPECIAL KEYS describes additonal special keys available in on XML object line.
A XML object line may contain several special keys. This means user function keys: the user can press this keys instead an input. The programm will continue to the next object.

Block LCD PREVIEW shows a display preview how your application will be shown inside the display.

Block SUBROUTINES shows selected subroutines for current XML object line.

Block VAR shows variables for display output.

Some hints:

The blue ! represents a simulation function. After pressing simulation button the software will continue automatically to the object in textbox. The display output is shown in LCD preview.

The SUBROUTINES button opens the subroutine windows. You can choose several existing subroutines and select them as BEFORE or AFTER. Take care of the defination: BEFORE subroutines will be execute before the user input, AFTER subroutines will execute after the user input!

You can use the internal FTP client function for uploaded an XML configuration file into your external PC device, e.g. inside a TRM/xx system. Make sure you know the IP adress of the external device - our FTP client contains an FTP test function. After you used the test, you can use FTP file transfer for uploaded your config file into the external device.

In fact we suppose the using is easy. Play around, the webpages of this server contains some XML sample config files. Download a prefered application and try your own steps. Please contact us if you have further questions - we try to help you and your questions can make this documentation better...


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