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XML Code Processor
configuration toolkit for PC terminals: configure instead programming...

XML code processor
Configtool - background and details
Fieldlist XML configfile
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Getting Started
XML CP: Getting Started
How to use the XML Code Processor in TRMxx
First steps: XML configuration
How to change and work with XML config files
PC XML Code Generator
PC software tool for XML config files
Startup Doku
User DOC, Manual, EN


XML sample files
A sample library for XML config files
View current list of subroutines for PC TRM code generator


CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION - and do not waste your time with extensive programming work: our integrated linux configurator allows easy configuration without programming work! (*2

For data collection, control + automation, time attendance or your individual application - we are we are offering:

The XML Code Processor inside TRMxx system
An interpreter software for linux based terminal systems which runs simple XML configuration files as program

The generator PC Software TRM-CODE-GEN.EXE
A graphical oriented toolkit for creating, changing and downloading XML configuration files on your PC at MS Windows.

Using this new way of configuration indicates: you need no compiler, no programmers language or other expert details for creating your own application. Simple use our toolkit for describing your application inside a configuration file, download it into the terminal system - and the interpreter runs it on the terminal hardware automatically!

The XML code processor gives you more freedom in your individual application. Everyone is able to create an individual application - without any expert knowledge! Even with barcode reading, RFID, SQL database support and dozens of other useful features. (Refer table WHAT WORKS for details.)

The "software" looks like this: XML config file** for the shown display

(*2. BUT - if you still like to programm: You can expand our toolkit with own software at anytime. Our configuration toolkit offers a API to connect your own software with the XML code processor. We are delivering a wide library of often used functions - but it is possible to expand this functions anyway and anytime! Use TRM CoLinux SDK...

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