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Featurelist XML Code Processor Configtool


Functions inside XML Code Processor Standard Option
Designing individual user display, e.g. for input menus or for selection menus inside LC display for TRM416 or TRM816 X  
Input menus for data input via keyboard, serial interface, LAN, digital IO X  
Several free definalbe formatstrings for text / numeric input, e.g. for format date __.__.--, time __:__, pricings __.__ and others X  
Selection menus wihout data input, e.g. for choosing program menus wiht numeric, text, special or F-keys X  
Data savings as ASCII / text format X  
Data savings as XML file X  
Data savings in individual data formats, as individual subroutine   X
RS232 Barcode support with barcode reader at COM1 / COM2 X  
RS232 RFID support with RF reader at COM1 / COM2, see RFID products X  
RS232/RS485 sensors data import for SEIKA inclinition sensor, e.g. Seika NG360 X X
RS232/RS485 sensors data import e.g. for Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Sensor X X
Set onboard digital relais output DOUT1 / DOUT2 X  
Check state digital relais output DOUT1 / DOUT2 X  
Check state digital input DIN1 / DIN2 X  
2x counter input: count values e.g. from S0 bus for metering X  
Printer support for individual protocoll / bon printers   X
Network communication with TCP / IP X  
Integrated FTP server for file transfer (download / upload via network) X  
Integrated telnet server for remote access via network X  
Integrated webserver. Free definable using, progammable with CGI scripts X X
SQL database client for MS SQL (Microsoft SQL server) or mySQL X  
MS SQL: Read / write / update, including spooling mode if server is offline X  
mySQL:  Read / write / update, including spooling mode if server is offline X  
MS SQL / mySQL other database commands, programmable via subroutine   X
SQL Datenbankenclient - für MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) oder mySQL X  
Online / server connection for direct transfer data to server X  
Read data from file - searching X  
Read data from file - sequential access X  
Store data / time X  
NTP time server access in internet / intranet for snyc internal hardware clock X  
Set date / time X  
IP networkin configuration READ / SET X  
Mathematic operations X  
Mathematic operations with floating point, e.g. for average X  
Define and set individual variables X  
IF...THEN jumps X  
Deley / pause function, programable X  
Permanent update time / clock in display, stop clock X  
Mail client: Automatic creating and sending from mails X  
M2M extension: send mails if predefined paramaters are reached X X
Additional functions inside PC software XML code generator TRM-CODE-GEN Standard Option
GUI for application design with above descriped functions X  
Creating, changing and translating XML application files / XML configuration files - complete support for functions inside XML code processor inside TRM system, e.g. with support for displays, input, special keys, variables, subroutines and more X  
LCD preview function X  
Simulation mode X  
Integrated FTP file transfer for uploading XML applicaton file to TRM X  
Automatic creating from new objects X  
PC software for MS Windows, german or english version X  
From vers 1.7.0: New selection for subroutines, more subroutines, copy&paste support X  
From vers 1.7.1: Object list with fast-jump to selected object X  
From vers 1.7.4: rollback function - direct jump to last seen object X  
From vers 1.7.6: Access to TRM base configuration file XML-CP.CONF. X  
From vers 1.7.6: New setupmenu. Individual panel settings X  
From vers 1.7.17: Download way for automatically getting XML application from terminal into PC software X  
From vers 1.7.20: new changed design for better overview and faster code edit X  


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