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App AEWinStorage - App for mobile data collection / inventory and more

-) For Android mobile phone / smartphone or professional handcomputer
-) Comfortable data collection software for article / goods / stock and inventory
-) For dispatch / approach / inventory / ordering
-) Support barcode / QR code and more features

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AE Donxie - Item Database for Smartphone

-) Slim warehouse management system for mobile devices
-) For Android smartphone systems
-) Easy usage, including item database for article and goods. FREE for small stocks!

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AE Barcode App
for Items a. Values

-) AE simple app for barcode / QR code data collection
-) Scan directly from article / item and save values
-) Supports Excel XLS / CSV data format
-) For inventory / data collection in field. FREE APP

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Metering App for
Android Devices

Read your meter values, save or transfer them directly to your supplier

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QR Code Reader
Android App

Intelligent QR code reader app for android smartphones.

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Alarm / Emergency
SMS Sender

Send automatic alarm SMS to predefined receiver.

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Covid19 Data Logger App

Data logger app for Covid19 fever / temperature measurement.

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Mobile Solutions: Apps for Windows CE / Windows Systems

WIN CE Mobile Data

Scan barcode with your Android smartphone, W/O qty input. Excel XLS CSV data format.

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WIN CE Dongxie

Database solution with article items and qty for Windows CE based systems.

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WWS Batch Software

Software for quick input of warehousing data for Windows based systems.

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