For Android: AE Simple Barcode App

AE Simple Barcode App

Barcode scan, qty input. Save it.

Data format: XLS CSV, for direct and easy import collected data to office or other software packages

I.E. for data process with Inventory Package AE WWS Lite

Saves input at local file inside folder /DOWNLOAD at your smartphone

Download APK file for your Android smartphone

Needs rights for camera and memory

Also needs scanner app Barcode Sanner ZXING team. (Install it for free from APP store)

Easy and fast input of item lists with barcode

Data format XLS CSV TXT for easy transfer to your local computer

Simple import in AE WWS LITE possible

AutoSave: Automatic save barcode with preinput qty

Easy transfer from your smartphone /DOWNLOAD folder

XLS CSV format, barcode and qty fields separated by ;

Barcode scan or manual input possible

Supports all standard barcodes e.g. 1D, QR, DataMatrix and others

Samples / Pictures

Android App for barcode scan and qty input

Saves input data in /DOWNLOAD folder

Simple use at your computer with standard file format