Terminal Systems

System TRM816

All in one industrial PC system in book size
X86 32bit CPU core, fanless, LOW power <10 Watts
Bright LC display with LED backlight, 128x64 dots or 8 line x 21 char textmode
Several interfaces e.g. serial, CAN, digital IN, digital OUT, LAN Ethernet
Based on embedded Linux (Option: DOS)
Free programmable, designed for applications in rough environment
Also available with XML configuration / programming toolkit with various programmers library, e.g. for SQL database, barcode / RFID input and more
Open Frame Version or mounted in IP protected case


System TRM416

Similar as TRM816 - but with changed display
Big sized display with 4 lines a 20 char textmode
extremely big characters, very good readable from distance
IP65 water / dust protected front panel


System TRM816-RFID

Terminal TRM416/816 RFID
With RFID proximity reader
Incl. SQL clients for database networking


Panel PC TRM926 w. Keyboard

System TRM920 with <align="left"> display and keyboard
<align="left">Brilliant VGA display 640x480, 5,7"display size, new LED backlight version<align="left">
Excellent TFT color display with hightest brightness
Incl. front panel with keyboard for text and numeric input
Front panel IP65 water-/dust protected, gloves useable
Operating system Linux, free programmable


Touch Panel PC OTP57/V

Modern and rough touch panel system
Brilliant VGA display 640x480, 5,7"display size, new LED backlight version
Excellent TFT color display with hightest brightness
LOW Power Version <10 Watts
Special designed for extremely use
Available for self programming or as web client
100% Linux / Java:
Operating system Linux / Java VM
100% Web: Alternate configuration with web browser
Open Frame version, perfect fitting in 19" rackts


Smart Metering Box MGW986 (for M-Bus Meters)

Smart Metering box for measurement and metering of M-Bus interfaces
Automatic data logging from meters with M-Bus interface
Data Access via IP Ethernet Internet Intranet of logged meter data
Software preconifigured - nothing to program
Supports meters with wired M-bus interface