Smart Metering Gateway MGW986

Features + Highlights:

  • MGW986 ECM – smart meter box for M-bus meters
  • Integrated m-bus master, for meters with M-bus interface
  • Including software for automatic metering in realtime in internal database
  • Easy data access via network and IP protocoll, integrated webserver
  • Data formats availabe as graphic /chart or in CSV / XLS for direkt import in office software e.g. Excel
  • Optionally: SQL version
  • Preconfigured software, easy meters configuration with CONF file
  • Comfortable web interface for easy configuration

  • Connect m-bus meters to MGW system
  • Connect MGW system to your network / internet / intranet
  • Use your standard Webbrowser for access to smart metering system
  • See details smart meter values inside your webbrowser
  • chose detailed graphical analysis from 24 hours / 7 / 30 / 90 days
  • download values in CSV XLS format with configurable intervals