Industrial Applications

Industrial Solutions

PC Weight Win - PC Software for weighing systems / machines and more

  • Software gateway package for weighing systems, machines, sensors and more
  • Automatic data capturing from weighing systems and other devices
  • Create data file XML / Excel XLS CSV or with internal SQL client for just-in-time transfer to SQL HOST server
  • Supports weighing systems with serial RS232 or IP ethernet LAN interface
  • Free demo software, test before buy!
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Data Capturing with Industrial Terminals

  • Rough hardware for industrial use
  • With LCD and keyboard (gloves handable)
  • Stationary systems for 12...24VDC power
  • Including wide range configuration tool
  • Serial / Ethernet LAN / Digital IN / OUT interfaces, optionally CAN
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Graphical User Interface for Machine and Automation

  • Graphical user interfaces with integrated control logic
  • Innovative and easy to use control tools for you machine and hardware
  • Windows based software, individually for your project and hardware devices
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Metering App for
Android Devices

Read your meter values, save or transfer them directly to your supplier

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