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Technical details: TRM/926 series
New PC Terminal for Linux

Picture: TRM926 Open Frame (OF)

Picture: TRM926 OF with Mounting Frame (Option)

Picture: TRM926 in IP case (Option)
Sample Picture


Small PC terminal with a new high contrast / brightness LC display with VGA 640x480 resolution in TFT color quality. DOS / Linux version. Free programable for individual applications or with preconfigured software packages.


  • 5.7 VGA-size with 18-bit digital RGB interface and LED backlight

  • Extremely hightest brightness and contrast ratio for industrial use

  • 5.7" / 14cm display, long life industrial version

  • LCD window dimension 119 x 89 mm

  • Optionally for extended temperature range -10...+60°C


Frontpanelkeyboard with Numeric/Alphanumeric Keys, Soft- and Function-Keys, Cursor Keys and ENTER, Matrixkeyboard 8x8

CPU + Interfaces

CPU configuration SSV DIL/Net PC eSOM2586

  • Embedded CPU module with CPU Vortex86DX 32 bit x86 SoC, 600Mhz

  • RAM 128 MByte DDR2 SDRAM @ 300 MHz bus speed

  • Flash 1024 MByte NAND-type

  • Flash Expansion 1x CompactFlash socket

  • PC-compatible AMI Basic I/O System

  • LCD interface 18-bit TTL interface, VGA-based for TFT/STN panels

  • LCD video memory 64 MByte video RAM with DDR2 interface

  • Mechanical CPU module eSOM-200 form factor (2x 100-pin Hirose FX8C connector)

  • 1x Real Time Clock RTC with external battery-backup

  • 1x timer watchdog, 1x power supervisor

  • 2x RS232, 1x RS485 (16C550/16C552 compatible)

  • 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

  • 1x CAN SJA1000 with FullCAN and BasicCAN support

  • PC/104 interface for 8/16bit PC/104 I/O cards

  • 1x USB host port for external USB devices with HS (480 Mbps), FS and LS support

Special Functions:

  • Linux 2.6.18 (Debian-based) with X Server

  • Python 2.7 run time environment with GTK toolkit and API

  • (Option ROM-DOS 6.22 O/S)

  • 1x CompactFlash (CF) socket with IDE-based interface

  • HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, (S)FTP for Ethernet-based access


  • Front panel dimension 222 x 143 mm, material: Aluminium with Industrial protected keys

  • Base Board BB926/eSOM, dimension 205 x 126 mm

  • Power 12...24 VDC, LOW Power, fanless

  • Operating temperature -10...+60°C (OF version only)

  • Storage temperature -20...+60°C


  • Open frame embedded PC with eSOM/2586, base board BB926/eSOM, 5.7” VGA LCD and 26-key front panel keyboard

  • Optionally Mounting Frame


This product fullfills the criteria: Made in Germany = German product  for highest industrial quality!



Picture: TRM926 IP - Electronic View (in opened case)


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