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TRM816 Network

Picture shows working network connection

During bootup TRM416 / TRM816 check the network connectino and MAC adress and current IP adress is displayed at the end of booting session. This message occurs only if the TRM located a running network connection. If the network connection is failed - you will see another display message below!

(Note: allows make sure network cable must be connected during startup!)

Picture: Network connection failed

If a LAN cable is not connected or the LAN port will not work, the system displays the warning message: NO LAN CABLE during booting session!

If you got NO LAN CABLE there are following possible reasons:

  1. A defect / non working LAN cable OR

  2. No working network OR

  3. A failure inside the electronic of TRM base board OR (of course)

  4. a LAN cable is not connected.

Note: LAN cable has to be connected BEFORE TRM starts! If you connect LAN cable AFTER power up the system the network can not be detected and the text NO LAN CABLE occours also! Try a reboot (new power up) then!

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