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TRM816 Customized Keyboard

Customizing I: Labeling

The TRM/816 standard keyboard contains keys for 0-9, a-z, an ENTER key, F1-F4, two scroll keys and two hot keys S1 and S2. It is build as 4x5 matrix keyboard. As customized design and in qty series we can build the TRM/816 with your favourite customized keyboard.

Customizing in this step means: a frontpanel e.g. with your company logo, your favourite keys and colors. In fact, you can change everything on the design of the keyboard. For your favourite TRM/816 keyboard we need the following information:

  • Keyboard layout and the keyboard print (text or icons printed on the keys, maybe you want to replace the F1-F4 keytext with little graphic symbols)

  • Your logo (as bitmap and with color information)

  • Detailed colour information of the frontpanel, the keys and the keyboard print (maybe you need a green HELP key on the keyboard...)

  • The textfont of the printed text on the keyboard

We try to make it easy for you: Use the pictures above for construction your own keyboard. Download the JPG file with empty keyboard, design your keyboard and send your design wish back to our sales team. We will calculate your favourite keyboard.

Customizing II: Changed design

If you want to change the keyboard more then in labeling and colours: the TRM416/816 works with a matrix keyboard 4 x 5 matrix at a 9pin connector. Regarding the matrix and the pins you can design your own keyboard and we will offer you a special keyboard driver for your system - see information here.

Matrix keyboard BB816:
  Pin1 (IN) Pin2 (IN) Pin3 (IN) Pin4 (IN) Pin5 (IN)
Pin6 (OUT) F4 F3 F2 F1 S1 (ESC)
Pin7 (OUT) +/- 7 4 1 Up
Pin8 (OUT) 0 8 5 2 Down
Pin9 (OUT) Enter 9 6 3 S2 (BS)

Matrix keyboard BB416:
  Pin1 (IN) Pin2 (IN) Pin3 (IN) Pin4 (IN) Pin5 (IN)
Pin6 (OUT) 9 8 7 0 6
Pin7 (OUT) 4 3 2 5 1
Pin8 (OUT) F4 F3 F2 +/- F1
Pin9 (OUT) Down /LCD Up / LCD BS / LCD Enter F5

Download a document with keyboard matrix here. (TRM416/816):
TRM416/816 Keyboard Matrix Pinout

See baseboard component side: PIN 1 for front panel keyboard is marked. To make it clear: typically the solder pin for pin 1 is an rectangle, all other pins are circles.

Baseboard solder side: PIN 1 for front panel keyboard is marked.

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