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OTP57V - how to connect USB keyboard

The panel PC OTP57V running under linux and java supports a mounted touch screen for user input. For some reasons user want to connect an USB keyboad to the system. The base board of OTP57V contains two USB connectors, marked as USB 1&2. See here for position:

Make sure you made cable connection in correct direction:

Connect USB keyboard to the USB device

Before using an USB keyboard, you have to enable USB inside the OTP system. 2 steps needed: A define the keyboard, B enable USB drivers

A define the keyboard /etc/X11/xorg.conf

You have to change the /etc/X11/xorg.conf! Please refer this thread with a detailed description:
SSV Forum. USB Keyboard Enable

Optionally - here you can download a changed xorg.conf file to replace it with your existing file inside /etc/X11
Download xorg.conf

B enable USB drivers /etc/modules

Last step you have to change /etc/modules to enable and load USB drivers during startup!
Put the line usbhid at the end of the file /etc/modules

Make a sync and reboot!




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