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Detail Page: OTP57V eSOM9263 ARM Series
Web BASED Panel PC



Atmel AT91SAM9263 32-bit ARM9 SoC

Speed 192 Mhz

128 MByte SDRAM with SDR interface (96MHz)


256 MByte NAND-type, Option: 32 MByte NOR-type

LCD Interface 18-bit TTL interface, VGA-based for TFT/STN panels
LCD Video Memory 64 MByte video RAM with DDR2 interface
Touch Screen Interface 4-wire for resistive touch panels (UART-based)
RTC 1x Real Time Clock with external battery-backup
LAN 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet


5.7 VGA-size (14cm) with 18-bit digital RGB interface and LED backlight

4-wire analog resistive touch sensor

Special Functions  
O/S Linux preinstalled

HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, (S)FTP für Ethernet Networking


Browser for embedded Web Browsing preinstalled


Open frame architecture with four mounting points

Base Board


3U Front Panel Size 162.2 mm x 128.8 mm
Deepth 32mm, with used power connector: min. 50...55mm for safe cable routing
Power 12 – 24 VDC
Operating Temperature 0 – 60 °C (extended temperature range on request)
Storage Temperature -20 – 70 °C
OTP/57V Embedded User Interface device with eSOM/9263, ARM core, 5.7” VGA LCD, touch screen, front panel for 3U 19” rack mounting
Manufactured: This product fullfills the criteria: Made in Germany = German product  for highest industrial quality!

Gallery - click for full size:

Picture: Backside with USB / LAN / PIO / COM connectors

Picture: OTP system with silicone / rubber keyboard (option)

Picture: System in 19" rack (front)

Picture: Main Setup Display

Picture: Information Setup

Picture: System in 19" rack (rear)


Picture: IP Setup

Picture: Services Telnet, SSH, FTP, Web...

Picture: COM Port Configuration

Picture: CAN Configuration

Picture: Adjustable Display Brightness

Picture: Date / Time Config

Picture: CAN Sniffer for onboard CAN


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