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Detail Page: MGW986/920
Datalogging System for M-Bus

Picture: MGW986M Front View

Picture: MGW986M Bottom Side, DIN RAIL brackets option

CPU Vortex86DX 32 bit x86 SoC, 300Mhz
BIOS PC-compatible AMI Basic I/O System
Flash 1GB NAND Flash Speicher
Ethernet LAN 10/100 Mbit LAN, RJ45 Connector
M-Bus Interface M-BUS Master Interface, RJ12 Connector
LED Output 6 Status LED
Operating System Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6
Software Smart Metering software with internal database preinstalled, easy individual configuration via HTTP web protocoll (ECM). Integrated Telnet and FTP server.
Version For wall mounting or (OPTION) DIN / IEC rail mounting
Mechanical 152,4 x 127 x 31,1 mm
Power 12VDC power, fanless, LOW power: ca. 3 Watt with used M-BUS Master, Linux booted and active ECM database software
Environment For 0...+60C temperature
Optionally Integrated GPRS modem for communication via mobile cell phone network
DIN RAIL brackets for DIN RAIL mounting
Manufactured: This product fullfills the criteria: Made in Germany = German product  for highest industrial quality!

Technical information without warranty. Pictures are showing samples.
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