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TRM Industrial Line: How to install the XML Code Processor

Installing the XML Code Processor at TRM systems is easy. You need following parts:
  • TRM System, e.g. TRM416, TRM816, TRM9xx with installed and running (!) XML Linux image - see here how to install an image
  • PC system with working FTP client for file transfer and Telnet client for remote control
  • Working network connection between TRM and PC
  • The XML CP program files, normally XML-CP.TGZ and INSTALL.SH
  • The basic XML application file names TRM-CODE.XML

Step 1: Make FTP connection between PC system and TRM. User: xml, Password: xml.

Login as user 'xml' will bring you automatically in the directory /mnt/cf (the compact flash card). Make sure this is your working FTP directy on the TRM.

Note: you need to know the current IP adress of the TRM in your network. Normally we delivered the system with assigned If you are unsure about current IP adresse: regard booting process carefully. The TRM will show the current IP adress inside the LC display during booting for a short time. If you get problems connecting a TRM - please try with PING first to verify the IP adress.

Step 2: Upload the files 'xml-cp.tgz' and ''

Upload the XML CP programm file and the startup script to the CF card of the TRM, folder /mnt/cf.

Note: Transfer in binary format!!!! Make sure you use an FTP software which do not change the files in any form!

Step 3: Start Telnet session to TRM, User: root. No password

Step 4: Run startup script by typing 'sh /mnt/cf/'

This will take 1 or 2 seconds. You will see a wait message and a ready message if it is finished.

Step 5: Reboot TRM system by typing  "sync" and later typing 'init 6'

The sync command will synchronize the CF card. It is recommended to do this before rebooting! The init 6 command will reboot the TRM. After reboot the system will start automatically the XML code processor and a sample application. Last step is to install the basic XML application file names TRM-CODE.XML.

Step 6: Again - make FTP connection to TRM, User xml, Password xml. Upload TRM-CODE.XML to TRM.

Step 7: Finish current application by pressing F4 at the TRM (or another key shown in LC display) and start again by pressing ENTER key at TRM system.

This will start the new basic XML application file for your application.

Note: Check the LOG file in /var/logs/xml-cp.LOG for errors and version information!

Use FTP or telnet software to get access to this file and make have the current XML CP software version in use!

More info: see your special XML Code Processor webpage!

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