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TRM Industrial Line: How to flash an image

Flashing a new image into TRMxx INDUSTRIAL LINE is easy. You need following parts:
  • TRM System, e.g. TRM416, TRM816, TRM9xx
  • PC system with terminal software, e.g. Hyperterminal at MS Windows
  • Nullmodemcable
  • Image file, normally called *.IMG, e.g. dnpx.img with a size 4.063.232 byte

Below you will find our simple step guide:

Step 1:
Connect TRM system with your PC using serial nullmodemcable. Use COM1 at TRM. Use a serial COM port at your PC. Note: if you PC does not have a serial port, use a USB --> serial adapter.

Step 2:
Start terminal software on your PC, e.g. hyperterminal under MS Windows. Configure terminal software at following parameters: 115200 bit/s, 8 data, 2 stopp, NO parity

POWER ON terminal system. You will see the the booting procedure inside of the TRM inside your terminal output - at the screen of your PC!

Step 4:
Press and hold CTRL L (STRG L) during boot will start the flash loader automatically.

Note: Pressing / holding CTRL L (STRG L) will start the flash loader. If you are too slow / too late with pressing you can miss the startup point. If the boot is finished it is too late. Then you have to reboot and try it again. Do not worry if you fail the correct point in the beginnet - you will be better and every terminal has this flash loader point! But sometimes the timeout is very short.

Step 5:
After the flash loader is started use function 1 for download an image using YMODEM-PROTOCOL

Step 6:
Transfer *.IMG file via terminal software into the TRM. Note: This will take some minutes!

Very important: Do not interrupt a running flash process! This can damage the flash system urgently. If a flash process is started, you have to wait until it is finished!

Step 7:
After flashing is complete, press CTRL C (STRG C) for rebooting the TRM. The new flash image system will be used automatically after the next boot!

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