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XML Configuration Toolkit - user individual configuration for terminal software

Even for data capturing, data collection, control or whatever you want to connect to our Linux / PC based terminal systems: we are offering a new and easy way of configuration your hardware without any programming.

Our XML interpreter / XML code processor allows individual applications and brings you a new way for creating your desired application without any expert knowledge.

The toolkit - called XML code interpreter - runs at linux based terminal systems, e.g. TRM416/816. (Refer HARDWARE for information.) It allows the download of an XML user application and interpretes this file automatically as programm during runtime.

An additonal PC software XML Code Generator allows the creating and changing of the XML user application any time and anywhere.

XML Configtool - features in a glance:
  • Linux interpreter for XML configfiles (XML Code Processor / XML CP)
  • Interpretes XML configfiles automatically as programmcode, in real time
  • Graphical user interface for creating / changing XML configfiles without any expert programming language
  • Simple definition of display output, user input, RFID / barcode / SQL database support in a XML configfile
  • Easy to use application design with display / appliation preview
  • Integrated FTP client for communication between PC software and terminal
  • Available for our systems TRM416 / TRM816


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