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WinCE Mobile Data: Technical details
Screenshots / Pictures

(Shown pen is for size comparision only. Not needed for using and not included into delivering.)

Hardware: Mobile data terminal with scanner (and WiFi)
  • Mobile handheld computer for mobile data capturing
  • New, extremely light "mobile phone format"
  • Integrated laser scanner for touchless barcode reading
  • Operating system Windows CE 5.0
  • Integrated WiFi / wireless LAN network interface - simple connection without cables
  • Integrated FTP server for communication between your server and mobile device
  • Preinstalled software, e.g. WIN CE stock / inventory


Screen shots from the application

Software: AE WIN CE for mobile stock management
  • Software for mobile handheld devices, for WIN32 / Windows CE / Windows Mobile (c)
  • For mobile data capturing in stock
  • Data entry via keyboard, touch screen or barcode
  • Easy to use - without extensive learning, simple input user code, artikel no, quantity
  • Keyboard, touch or barcode scanner input available
  • Expandable user menu
  • Multi language availability: German or English version, other languages on request
  • Automatic date / time stamp for every input
  • Easy processing data format CSV / XLS for Office Excel (or OpenOffice Calc)
  • From vers. 1.1.4: supports article file with article no and article text


  • Allows input from instance / invoice no and article / value


  • Allows input from delivering note / packing list and article / value


  • Allows input from location and article / value


Order / Packing
  • Allows input from customer / order no and article / value


  • Allows input target relocation and article / value


  • Comfortable data monitor shows last inputs
  • Software supports article file downloaded from HOST computer, article text and other values will be used from the HOST file


Various configuration menu
  • Allows several individual configuration e.g.
  • Choosable user menus
  • Free definable file names, header and labels and more


Data processing with Office / Excel

Data in ... Office / Excel / Calc
  • Uses data format CSV / XLS
  • Simple communication with FTP
  • Imports your data in Office Excel / Openoffice Calc or other software packages wich supports CSV / XLS format


Data import into your existing ERP software

Data in ... stock / inventory management WWS-LITE-WIN
  • Optionally: data import into our stock and inventory management software WWS-LITE-WIN
  • For dispatch / approach and extensive data history
  • Integrated FTP file transfer between WWS-LITE-WIN and handheld computer
  • See more information here: WWS-LITE-WIN.



Data in ... your existing MES / ERP system
  • Dataformat: XLS / CSV. If your existing stock software supports this data format, you can import the data directly.
  • Optionally: converter to XML / or customized data format possible
  • Optionally: SQL client for direct data access between handheld computer and your SQL database