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VT100LX Telnet Client for terminal systems

Host / Client networking in industrial environment:

Preconfigured VT100 telnet client software for our industrial terminal systems. Full featured wg. with automatic connect and login to a HOST system and directly for the systems in harsh up to extremeley conditions. Supports barcode / RFID proximity support.


  • Terminal Client software for TRM816/916/920
  • Available as VT100 telnet client with serial HOST connection (VT100 serial)
  • Available as VT100 telnet client with ethernet IP LAN connection (VT100 LX)
  • Automatic terminal mode after login: LCD output of server messages, server transfer of keyboard input
  • Supports VT100 / ANSI sequences for cursor- and text control
  • Especially for VT100 telnet client:
  • Telnet remote login (or RLOGIN) with host / server via IP ethernet LAN connection
  • Supports serial input devices e.g. barcode or RFID reader.
  • Various configuration menu für easy configure of transfer parameter, e.g. local IP, host / server parameter, networking and more
  • Remote configuration with telnet and ethernet LAN possible - integrated telnet and FTP server
  • Free choosable design fonts (systeme with QVGA display only)


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