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Development Starter Kit:
Linux Terminal with Barcode / RFID Support, SQL Client and XML Configuration

Realize your own projects in roughed industrial, production and office environment:

  • Linux Terminal with keyboard and display, (front panel IP65 water / dust protected)
  • Incl. XML configuration toolkit for easy non-expert configuration of your individual application
  • Extensive lib for data collection user input via keyboard, barcode / RFID support, SQL database client, network communication and more

Even if you prefer you own time attendance, data capturing, machine control or whatever application - the TRM products are the best answer to fullfill your requirments. You get full access with linux - together with the XML configuration toolkit you get an solution for creating your own application without any programming knowledge.


Industrial PC based Terminal TRM416 / TRM816

Small linux PC in terminal design. PC compatible, 32bit, x86 CPU core. Free programmable with linux - or usable with XML configuration toolkit for creating your own applications.

Choose between TRM416 (especially good readable text LCD with 4 x 20 lines / chars, very good readable from distance) or TRM816 with text / graphic display for 8x21 lines /char or 128x64 dots.

See Hardware and Technology for further information!


Incl. CF Karte for resident memory storage

Integrated CF card / compact flash memory card as resident storage for program and data. Capacity typ. 1 or 2 GByte. For roughed use.



Preconfigured linux for terminal systems. Stable 2.4 kernel.. Additionally TRM CoLinux SDK: preconfigured linux SDK für windows operating system. Easy way for creating own linux applications based on the given samples inside the startup package.

See TRM CoLinux SDK.


Incl. XML Configuration Toolkit

Extensive configuration toolkit for creating own application on TRM416/816 with XML code processor - an XML based interpreter software for linux terminals. XML configuration files are executed as program files automatically. Including libs for lcd output, user input via keyboard, barcode / RFID support (via COM1/COM2), digital IN/OUT, client for SQL databases and more. (Of course upgradable: you can add and program own libs for XML configuration toolkit under CoLinux.)

See XML Configuruation Toolkit


Application Software

Create your own applications for this small, extremely roughed usable PC systems. Several samples are inside starter kit. Some functionalities:

  • Free definable user menus for user selection and input
  • Input user menus for keyboard input or barcode / RFID transponder input
  • Digital IN support: input via digital input, e.g. as counter / measurement input
  • Digital OUT support: Set and check digital output, e.g. for door / machine control
  • SQL communication: Read / write fields in SQL database at server (Including automatic spooling if SQL server is temporay offline)
  • Ethernet LAN networking connection
  • Integrated mail client: automatic creating and sending mails directly from terminal
  • Integrated server functionalities e.g. for telnet, FTP or webserver
  • Time attendance and presence, communication with SQL database