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Personal Time Attendance - Time collection, room security, SQL database

We give you information about working and presence times, about security and much more. Integrated package and components for

  • Time attendance and admittance
  • Proximity reader for RFID transponders
  • Door and barrier control
  • Message and infosystem for messages and mail
  • Security and monitoring
  • Software easy translatable in different languages

Comfortable communication all components via ethernet network, optionally WiFi 802.11 / WLAN. Central data hosting in SQL database server. Individual data access for attandance, time and more.

Time Attendance, Security, Door Control - Application Sample


Terminal TRM816-RFID

Terminal TRM416-RFID

Terminal systems INDUSTRIAL LINE:

We call it Industrial Line. Small compact terminal systems with OS linux for nearly all kind of environments. For roughed up to extremely use, protected case, for temperatures -20...+60C, usable with gloves and more. Optionally with RFID reader. For communication in ethernet LAN (TCP / IP).

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Time Attendance Screen Shot Time attendance software INDUSTRIAL LINE:

Preconfigured software for Enter / Leave input and/or RFID reading. Automatic communication via ethernet LAN network with SQL database server. (Standard: MS SQL Server 2005 Express version. Optionally mySQL.)


Panel PC 3.5" PPC35

Panel PC - extremely small and compact

Terminal systems OFFICE LINE:

Small panel PC with touch screen and TFT color display. Very small size (3.5" display, good readable). For using in administration, office and in NON-extremely environment. OS MS Windows CE / Mobile(c).


Time Attendance Screen Shot Windows CE Time attendance software OFFICE LINE:

Preconfigured software for ENTER / LEAVE including messagesystem and SQL client.  (Standard: MS SQL Server 2005 Express version.)


RFID Transponder


RFID transponder

Usable for your keyholder. RFID transponder with your individual personal code for access control and time attendance. Easy and comfortable to use. Very roughed - for nearly all kind of environments.


Securityfunction, door control:

Get information who is right now in the room. Door and barrier control to make sure authorized persons get access only. INDUSTRIAL LINE contains two electronic digital OUT connectors for door opening / closing. (Digital OUT relay output)


Info- and messagesystem. (Inbound)

Shows messages in terminal. Message input easy and comfortable at PC, transfered via ethernet network. Automatic displayed with the next Login / Logout.


Alarmsystem for automatic emails (Ootbound)

Choose message and send it automatically via ethernet network.


  SQL Database:

Information hosting in SQL database. (Standard: MS SQL Server 2005 express version. Additional SQL versions on request.) Allows indivdiual data access for all kind of requests.


PC software / SQL client:

PC software for MS Windows. Predefined application for SQL requests of all attendance / entry / security information. This software is optionally and only needed if you do not want to use an own application.