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MGW986 - Smart Metering Box: Delivering Parts


MGW986 Top View

Connector View

Backside View, DIN RAIl brackets are option

MGW986 Smart Metering Box

Software for M-Bus metering data preinstalled
Webinterface for visualation and internat data access
Meters configurable, free choosable intervalls
Ethernet LAN network connector
M-Bus meter connector
12VDC Power
LOW Power, typ. 3 Watt consumption
IP case for wall mounting
Optionally: DIN RAIL mounting brackets

Technic: More Information


Option DIN RAIL Brackets

DIN RAIL brackets mounted at the backside allowes easily mounting inside control boxes and electrical cabinets

Starter Kit
Starter Kit with 3 lines meter
(europe only)

MGW, M-bus cable, meter
Without picture: Plug in power supply EVA version and CD ROM set

Power supply, sample picture
Option power supply PWR1-MGW

Plug In power supply for 12VDC output (EVA version)
110-230VAC input
Included in startup package
Including connector for MGWr


Power supply for DIN RAIL


Power supply for DIN RAIL mounting, 12VDC
110-230VAC input, max 2A
Delivering incl PWR cable for MGW system