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FAQs: Linux Graphical Programming / GUI versions

Some of our industrial systeme offers a grapical display, e.g. TRM816, TRM9xx series. Using a graphical display means, you can show graphics e.g. as bitmaps, logos, signs or you can use different text fonts to create an easy-to-use individual user interface inside your software.

Using a graphical display is easy, if you use a graphical toolkit for programming the graphical user interface (GUI). The linux world offers a lot of differernt embedded GUI versions - especially designed for using at small embedded terminals. Most of these GUI versions need a framebuffer device. A  framebuffer device is available for most of the TRM linux systems with display from QVGA size.

In our aim to make your development more easier: we specially prepared some preconfigured embedded GUI versions for you. In fact: Microwindows, FLTK and SDL. Software support for these versions are inside our startup packages or FTP download area.

FLTK - Fast Light Toolkit, available for: TRM916/920

FLTK is even a powerful GUI for modern and innovative graphical applications under embedded Linux. FLTK uses a standard framebuffer device on the system and offers more graphic support features then SDL, additionally full mouse (touch) and color support and bases on the C++ programming. More information at

Note: We love FLTK! Most of our startup package software samples use FLTK. Inside our startup package we are offering a preconfigured FLTK version, especially designed for using FLTK with som Industrial PC Terminals (up from QVGA display series.) You can install the FLTK developer version at your desktop, compile the given demos and transfer and try them directly at the IPC series.

Interesting feature: Additionally FLTK includes a powerful drag & drop wizzard for an easy program design / display layout calles FLUID. With FLUID you have an easy way for your layout design of the LC display.

Note: FLTK from vers. 1.1.6 supports UTF-8 with international coded languages, e.g. kyrillisch, japnanese and more. Note 2: Your TRM CoLinux SDK contains preconfigured GUI sample software for the TRM systems! (See applications german or english for further details.)

Microwindows / Nano X, available for: TRM9xx

Microwindows is a GUI / GPL project which brings features of modern windows programming directly to embedded systems and to smaller PC based devices. It uses a small X-server - named Nano-X server. More information at

SDL Simple Direct Layer, available for: TRM816, TRM916

SDL is a powerful and hyperfast graphic toolkit for an easily graphic programming based on the language C. It allows the usage of different text fonts, animated bitmaps and other useful features for creating modern and living applications. More information at

We are offering SDL patches for DOS and embedded Linux for the SSV TRM/xx series. The SSV startup package contains several SDL sample files and a complete SDL enviroment for an easy getting-started. (SDL patches, SDL runtime, SDL demo samples and more)

Other GUI versions with framebuffer

There are even more embedded GUI versions available in the linux world. Most of these versions use the framebuffer device inside the embedded system.

On the other hand, most of the SSV products supports the framebuffer. In fact, this brings the advantage you can your favourite GUI for programming your own interface, e.g. QT Embedded, picogui or others. Please note: A special SSV support is currently available for the above named GUI versions only.

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