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Plug & Work Package: Job & Time Data Capturing


Roughed terminalsystem directly for mounting at doors, halls, machines or whereever you want to collect your data. Including RFID reader for safe and secure login of users.

  • Preconfigured software with Login / Logout function and for activity input
  • Secure identification via RFID transponder
  • Free definable personlist
  • Free definable activitylist
  • Offline use - with internal compact flash card
  • No limits - Count of user or activities (nearly) unlimited, capacity for thousands of data fields
  • Easy data access via ethernet LAN interface
  • Fast data transfer with FTP file transfer software
  • Standard data formats - for easy import and processing as XLS / CSV or XML data
  • Easy translatable into every language - without any expert programming knowledge
  • Easy configurable with XML configurator toolkit


Login / Logout with RFID transponder. Easy usable without any technical knowledge for the user. User interface in different / native language possible.


Inside Terminalsystem: Uploaded host file with RFID and personal information


Inside Terminalsystem: Uploaded host file with work / duty information


After FTP data transfer via IP network: Easy processing or import the data into Office / Excel (or OpenOffice Calc) or in any software you like.