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TRM816 Small build PC system for roughed terminal applications

PC based Terminal TRM816

Extremely small, extremely powerful - and free programmable embedded linux PC power wherever you need:

  • Small PC in miniatured size, pocketbook dimension for wall mounting
  • Operating system: Linux / embedded Linux or DOS
  • Also available with an easy to use configuration toolkit for individual applications without programming - see XML config toolkit
  • Display 8 lines a 21 char, graphic 128x64 dots. Backlighted display
  • Keyboard with text and numeric keys, mobile phone format, useable with gloves
  • Ethernet LAN networking interface 10/100Mbit
  • Serial interfaces COM1 RS232/422/485 + COM2 RS232 for barcode reader, RFID transponder, printer or other serial devices
  • Onboard digital OUT DOUT1, DOUT2
  • Onboard digital IN DIN1, DIN2
  • Onboard CAN interface (Philips SJA1000 controller)
  • 12...24 VDC power, low power version <10 watts
  • fanless - no cooling needed. Perfect for using in harsh up to extremely environment, for environment temperatures -20/-10...+60/70°C
  • Available in roughed metail case or as open frame version (without case). Mounting frame available for version without case
  • Front panel water and dust proof with IP65
  • Integrated webserver für web based access
  • Integrated FTP / Telnet server für file transfer / remote login via IP network
  • Product made in Germany - for highest quality demands
  • For using in production, industrial and office

CF Card + XML Code Processor software
  • Compact flash cards as extremely data storage for TRMxx systems
  • No movable parts - excellent for using in rough conditions
  • For all of these who need fast and excellent results: including preinstalled XML code processor software (XML config toolkit) - easy individual configuration without any expert programming



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