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TRM416 Extremeley small build PC system for roughed terminal applications

PC based Terminal TRM416

Extremely small industrial computer with excellent readable LC display. Roughed version for harsh up to extreme environment conditions. Some features at a glance:

  • Small PC in miniatured size, pocketbook dimension for wall mounting
  • Operating system: Linux / embedded Linux or DOS
  • Also available with an easy to use configuration toolkit for individual applications without programming - see XML config toolkit
  • Backlighted display 4 lines a 20 char, big sized characters, execellent readable from distance
  • Keyboard with text and numeric keys, mobile phone format, useable with gloves, feelable "click" by pressing
  • x86 32bit LOW power CPU, 64/16 MB RAM/onboard Flash memory
  • Ethernet LAN networking interface 10/100Mbit
  • Serial interface COM1: RS232/422/485
  • Serial interface COM2: RS232
  • Onboard digital OUT: DOUT1, DOUT2 (relay output)
  • Onboard digital IN: DIN1, DIN2
  • Onboard CAN interface (Philips SJA1000 controller)
  • 12...24 VDC power, low power version <10 watts
  • fanless - no cooling needed. Perfect for using in harsh up to extremely environment, for environment temperatures -20/-10...+60/70°C
  • Available in roughed metal case or as open frame version (without case). Optionally mounting frame
  • IP65 protection: front panel (including display and keyboard) water and dust protected
  • Integrated webserver für web based access
  • Integrated FTP / Telnet server für file transfer / remote login via IP network
  • Product made in Germany - for highest quality demands
  • For using in production, industrial and office

CF Card + XML Code Processor software
  • Compact flash cards as extremely data storage for TRMxx systems
  • No movable parts - excellent for using in rough conditions
  • For all of these who need fast and excellent results: including preinstalled XML code processor software (XML config toolkit) - easy individual configuration without any expert programming




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