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Touch Panel OTP57V eSOM2586: Linux / Java
Touch Panel OTP57V eSOM9263: Web Panel

Panel PC / Operator Touch Panel OTP57V

The OTP/57V is a compact PC-based open frame operator touch panel device for 3U 19” racks with 5.7” (14cm) VGA color LCD and an analog resistive touch sensor. The OTP/57V is based on the System-on-Module eSOM/2586 and comes with a powerful 800 MHz Vortex86DX 32-bit x86 SoC (System-on-Chip). Available for / with Linux O/S, full-featured TCP/IP stack, Web (HTTP/HTTPS) server, Telnet/SSH server, FTP/SFTP server, TFTP support, full-featured X Server, Java 6 (J2SE) and Swing run time environment. More details:

  • Panel PC with Touch Screen - extremely flat design
  • Excellent 5.7" TFT Display (14cm) with highest brightness, VGA resolution 640x480 with 400 cd/mē, newest display technology with LED backlight
  • Available in two versions: with x86 based Core (100% Linux / Java) or with ARM core (100% Web) with web browser
  • LOW power, fanless, power consumption typ. <10 Watt
  • Desiged for using inside 19" racks, perfectly fitting in 3HE
  • Frontpanel IP65 protected, incl. Touch Screen
CPU Type eSOM2586 X86 Core [100% Linux / Java]:
  • Powerful Embedded CPU Vortex DX2/800Mhz, 32bit x86, SoC version (SoC = System on Chip = mehr power with less power consumption!)
  • 1GByte NAND Flash and 128MByte DDR2 RAM
  • Integrated LCD graphics controller XGI VOLARI-Z9s LCD-Controller with 64 MByte DDR2 Video DRAM
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN Interface for Networking
  • 2x Seriell RS232, 1x RS485 COM Ports
  • On Board CAN, 1x SPI, 7 Bit GPIO, 2x LED Output
  • 2x USB 2.0 HOST 480 Mbps e.g. for external keyboards or other devices
  • Compact Flash interface
  • Embedded Linux, X-Server with VGA-LCD and touch support, Java runtime environment (J2SE JRT) with Swing
CPU Type eSOM9263 ARM Core [100% Pure WEB]
  • Embedded CPU with ARM9 Core @192Mhz, SoC Version
  • 128 MByte SDRAM, 256MByte NAND Flash
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN Interface for Networking
  • Preinstalled: Web Server + Web Browser for using as web client

All versions fanless for for using in industrial environment, designed for easy using inside 19" racks and cases.


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