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TRM CoLinux SDK: Linux developers environment under MS Windows...

The TRM CoLinux SDK contains a preconfigured ready-to-use linux development environment for programming the TRMxx product series under Linux.

TRM CoLinux is a linux version especially for Windows based PC systems - CoLinux runs linux under Windows (WIN32: XP/2000/Vista). In fact you get a linux task under Windows. Yes, it is real - it is no fake, no simulation, no virtual machine - it is real 32bit Linux operating system - running as task under Windows!

Using TRM CoLinux SDK for programming the TRM product series indicates: you do not need any special linux PC, you do not need any linux development environment, no linux adminatration and more - use CoLinux on your Windows PC and you get all the development tools you need for programming linux under Windows...

The features:

  • complete Linux for Windows - it is real! NO simulation, no virtual machine, real 32bit Linux OS

  • simple installation on your desktop PC under MS Windows - CoLinux runs as task under Windows

  • preconfigured development environment for TRMxx systems, including compiler, libx and development tools

  • including X-Server for graphical programming of the TRM systems with graphical display, e.g. unter FLTK / FLUID**

  • simple file transfer between operating system Windows and CoLinux with shared folder on your hard disc

  • maximum security with virtual network access between Windows and CoLinux

  • no linux adminstration needed, no need for updates

  • and more...

Read here about the free CoLinux project**

The TRM CoLinux SDK contains all needed environments for writing linux programs under MS Windows.

How to order:

You can download a free TRM CoLinux trial**from the internet - or you order the TRM CoLinux SDK CD ROM together with your startup TRM/xx system. The CD ROM additionally contains a support package which means it guarantees an easy access to our local support center. (Some of the guys there are working inside the free CoLInux project - so you will get the best support about CoLinux and TRM questions...)


TRM CoLinux SDK CD ROM version - for TRMxx users only! Please contact our sales team for further information.


See some TRM CoLinux SDK screenshots**

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