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TRM CoLinux SDK: See some screen shots...

The TRM CoLinux SDK is a preconfigured SDK environment for creating linux software for the TRMxx systems. In fact our TRM systems contains an x86 based CPU model, so you can use every x86 linux for writing TRM linux applications.

The most often found problem: you need the same compiler, glib.c version for compiling our several samples as our programmers did. To make it easy for you we created this SDK - a linux for your windows - and together with all the needed tools for cross programming the TRM series.

So, this page is for linux programmers only. With this background you will get a picture story how to install TRM CoLinux SDK at your PC and how to write your first small own application. Lets start:

The TRM CoLinux SDK installation files on your windows PC.

CoLinux first start on your Windows PC. YouŽll get a login console for user user or superuser root.

CoLinux runs an own network on your Windows PC. Using ifconfig will show you the details.

Leavin CoLinux means: you have to shut down CoLinux - as every "standard" linux operating system. Do not close the windows task - stop CoLinux by using "init 0" or similar valid stopping command!

You own a 2nd LAN connection for CoLinux inside your windows network environment.

See the CoLinux network structure - a "freehand" chart for experts...

A telnet login with PuTTY - from your Windows desktop PC to you CoLinux desktop PC

A PuTTY / telnet login. So you can connect your CoLinux at your local PC via telnet.

Use a shared folder for file exchange between Windows and CoLinux

Shared folder test-dir from Windows side

Shared folder test-dir from CoLinux side. Running PuTTY telnet and MC midnight commander

Write a simple HELLO WORLD under CoLinux, compile it and runs oon your CoLinux desktop PC

Your first HELLO WORLD - using MC midnight commander under CoLinux

Next step: open a telnet / PuTTY session to your linux PC terminal TRMxx product!

Use FTP client to transfer HELLO world to your linux PC terminal

Make your software executable at linux PC terminal - and let it run on the PC terminal!

TRM CoLinux includes an X Server for graphical use

Use TRM CoLinux X Server on your Windows desktop PC

.... and much more!

These is a small screen shot overview only. CoLinux SDK contains detailed readme files, how to do something, how to write a linux software for the linux based PC terminal, how to download it to the PC terminal and how to run it on the PC terminal....

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