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FTP Transfer Client - AE COMM Box Software

For an easy, automatic data transmission, about LAN network, intranet, internet: our AE COMM Box FTP software alloes a user friendly way of sending and receiving files via IP network. Define your targets inside a CMD file and start the transmission!

AE COMM Box - Screenshots

AE COMM Box - Technical specifications
  • AE COMM Box - PC communication software for MS windows, available as german or english version
  • Integrated FTP client softwae for automatic data transfer: Send - Upload, Receive - Download
  • For tranmission in TCP / IP networks, ethernet LAN, intranet, internet...
  • Easy control via CMD command file
  • For automatic download of data and files
  • For automatic upload of data and files
  • RXSaveAs Function: filename of download file free choosable
  • RxClear: downloaded file can be deleted on HOST / remote system (to avoid twice transmission)
  • Integrated FTP / PING
  • time controlled scheduler

Mehr Infos und Details:
Download a free trial demoversion of this software. Software as german or english version, including sample files. ZIP file for easy download and getting started.


Readme of the software