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HC22Q Datalogic Memor - Windows CE - Starting Microsoft FTP Server

Windows CE (5.0.) offers an integrated FTP server for fast file transfer - but we learned: some hardware suppliers do not use it. In fact they put it inside their operating system board package but disable the server during delivering state.

We do not know the reason for this decision - but on the other hand, the suppliers describe inside their user manuals the way how to start the internal FTP server. It requires some changes in the registry. For the handheld systems (mobile data terminal) of Datalogic Memor there is no registry editor on the system. So have to change the registry with an seperate file manually.

Our steps of installation, tested on serveral Datalogic MEMOR models with Windows CE 5.0 OS:

Step 0: Make sure you have an installed WiFi network environment at your handheld

SETTINGS → NETWORK AND DIALUP CONNECTION. Using WiFI adapter e.g. SDCCF10G1. Start this. Set IP adress, subnet and gateway.

SETTINGS WiFi UTILITY. Go to PROFILE, make a scan to your network. Choose your correct WiFI network. Specify WEP security manually. Connect to network and test it with DIAGS.

Step 1: Create a simple text file with extension .reg

Content is described in users manual - otherwise you can download a sample here: Sample REG File for starting FTP Server



Step 2: Transfer this file to the handheld, e.g. via HotSync or with a flash card

Step 3: Open file explorer

Step 4: Start reg file

Step 5: Make warm boot

Test with ping to connect the terminal via wireless network.

Start FTP server and try a connection with user anonymous, no password needed. The default directy is /TEMP. (You can edit the reg file for setting other values.)

Note: Take care you have no errors inside and make sure you know what you are doing. We give this information explicit without any warranty. Using wrong parameters inside the reg file may damage your windows on the terminal!!

Other links:

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FTP Server Registry Settings

Help needed??

If you got problems starting FTP server at your system - please contact our experts. In most cases we can help you and it will cost you a small support fee only!

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