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Using 3rd party FTP Server, e.g. Freefloat FTP

An excellent choice seems to be the FTP server from Freefloat! This server is extremely small, freeware and easy to handle. Important feature. it allows easy access to all files and all directorys inside your windows CE device with no restrictions. (maybe of some users this is not an advantage - more a scaring part, but every user may decides on its own.)

All what you need is following:

Step 1: Download free FTP server from Freefloat or other sources. (Google Search!). Choose a version, e.g. ftpserver.exe for WinCEARMV4 in case of datalogic MEMOR system

Step 2: Upload the software to your windows CE device and save it inside a resident directoy, e.g. to your storage card.

Step 3 - if another FTP server is already running at your windws CE device: make sure you stop the another version or better: try a cold boot, e.g. by pressing ON + ESC + middle key if using Datalogic Memor (refer handbook for detailed information about hardware reset and cold boot)

Step 3: Start the new software.
An FTP icon will appear in the taskbar to show it is running.

Note: this FTP server program runs FTP in passive mode. We got problems during using active FTP inside our software.

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