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TRM416, TRM816, TRM920, CoLinux, XML Configtool + Applications

Format Language
I Hardware Documentation
1.01 TRM416 Hardware Manual EN
1.02 TRM816 Hardware Manual EN
1.03 TRM920 Hardware Manual EN

II Basics
2.01 Bootloader and flash Image How to install a new image version HTML
2.02 TRM Getting Started-DE TRM416 TRM816 XML CP Getting Started DE
2.03 TRM Getting Started-EN TRM416 TRM816 XML CP Getting Started EN
2.04 CoLinux Tutorial TRM CoLinux SDK - Linuxversion für Windows. HTML
2.05 TRM816 Linux / DOS / SDL Kleines Intro f. Inbetriebnahme und Flashen verschiedener Image Versionen DE
2.06 GUI Programming with embedded Linux TRM816, 9xx: information about embedded GUIs HTML
2.07 Main FAQ List TRM416/816 HTML

III XML Config Tool World
3.01 XML CP Softwarre for TRM416/816: Download latest version XML Code Processor, installation image for TRM systems


3.02 Install XML Code Processor TRM416, 816: How to install the XML Code Processor HTML
3.03 XML Configtool Website-DE Website XML Configtoolkit Deutsche Version HTML
3.04 XML Configtool Website-EN Website XML Configtoolkit English Version HTML
3.05 PC Software TRM CODE GEN Win XML Code Generator PC Software for MS Windows DE/EN version + XML sample apps


3.06 Readme TRM CODE GEN Versions Information TRM CODE GEN, DE Version DE
3.07 Subroutine.TXT Download a list with subroutines for TRM CODE GEN software TXT
3.08 DOC XML Code Processor- DE Benutzerhandbuch - DE Version DE
3.09 DOC XML Code Processor- EN User Manual - EN Version EN
3.10 XML Subroutines DOC Pack XML subroutines, DOC PACK


3.11 Setting XML passwords Micro HowTo for change password, TRM, Linux + XML CP EN
3.12 Download Password Script Copy file, startup script for Micro HowTo


IV Useful Addons
4.01 Circuit diagramm for using digital IN JPG
4.02 Tür und Schrankensteuerung, using digital OUT HTML
4.03 TRM816 Customized Keyboard HTML
4.04 TRM Installer WIN HTML
4.05 TRM816/416 Network Use HTML



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