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WIN CE Reptime - Handheld Software for Job, Time and Metering

For service technican, workman and all the people who have to fullfill their duties outside in the world: How long was the job, how many parts would be needed, what were the metering values for power / water /gas meters and more...

Our software package REPTIME is designed for mobile data terminals using Windows CE / Windows Mobile (c). It offers an easy to use, free configurable solution for these mobiles duties. Replace the paper with your MDT terminal, for data capturing directly at place of presence, for mobie data transfer to your PC via wireless / WiFi when you are at home in office.

Note: if you prefer mobile data capturing for inventory and warehousing - the package is here: WinCeMobileData.

Pen for size comparision only

  • Mobile Handheld System for mobile data capturing
  • Integrated barcode scanner for touchless barcode reading
  • Operating system Windows CE 5.0
  • Integrated wireless / WiFi for easy transfer with stationary PC without cable
  • Integrated FTP server for fast data communication
  • Handheld software REPTIME preinstalled
  • Softwarepackage REPTIME for Windows CE 5.0 / Windows Mobile devices
  • Free definable user input, headlines free configurable
  • Automatic data / time stamp for every input
  • Standard data formats CSV / XLS
  • Easy data import or data processing with Office Excel
  • German or english language version available, other translations on request
  • Easy data processing of Office software, e.g. MS Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc
  • Standard data formats for easy import in several software packages


Screenshots from the application / XLS screenshot

Main Menu

Input Data

Setup menu button configuration

Setup menu header label configuration

Excel XLS / CSV data processing


Free Trial Demoversion**

Download and test. Upgrade to full version with serial no.