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Infopanel - electronic messagesystem and doorplate

Present messages and notes everywhere: Messagesystem for industry, rooms, offices and whereever you want. Designed for those who are not every second present at their computers, for people which are not reachable via mobile phone, e.g. the guy at the machine, the team at factory hall 5 or the delivering guy which comes irregulary to fetch the goods. And we will not forget: the visitor on the search to "his meeting" room...

Our electronic messagesystem brings the solution. Even for messages, for displaying information or as small electronic doorplate for offices, meeting rooms and more. We delivers the information to the place where they shall be displayed. Directly at the machine. Directly in the factory hall or directly at the door of the meeting room.

  • Simple create your message at your local PC - somewhere in the office
  • Send your message to target system
  • Target system automatically shows the message
  • Optionally: keyboard / reading verify or door control...

A comfortable and easy to use PC software for MS Windows (c) allows the user friendly input of the message. It controls the automatic message delivering to the target via your network. The message client at the target system receives and displays the message automatically.


PC Software - for creating and sending your messages

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  • PC Software AE LAN Messenger - Infocenter for your your messages
  • Easy creating and sending of free definable messages to differnt users
  • Incl. Receiver List
  • Unlimited receivers possible
  • Free definable priority level, several message formats available
  • Software for MS Windows (XP, Vista, Windows7, 32/64bit)
  • German or English software version available (User can send message in every language he prefer)



  • Create your message and send it
  • Free choosable priority level


  • Free configurable and expandable receiver list


LAN Messenger Client I - receiving and presentation

  • Terminal System PPC35 Office Line
  • Operating system Windows CE - LAN Messenger Client software preconfigured
  • For message presentation directly at place of presence
  • Smallest PC terminal with 3.5" TFT color display and touch screen
  • LOW Power 24/7 using and LAN connector
  • Available as simple panel PC or mounted in IP54 case for wall mounting
  • For more infos - refer Hardware


  • LAN Messenger Client WinCE - Software for Panel PC PPC35
  • For receiving and presentation of messages
  • Automatic use - new messages will be presented within 1 minute automatically
  • Graphical priority level with different colors
  • Additional information for sender / date / timestamp
  • Various configuration menu for layout
  • German / English language version


LAN Messenger Client II - receiving and presentation in harsh environment

  • Terminal System TRM416 Industrial Line
  • Good readable LC display, 4 lines a 20 char
  • Stationary terminal in roughed industrial case
  • Operating system Linux - LAN Messenger Client software preinstalled
  • For more infos - refer Hardware


Screenshots with sample message texts

  • Software for Terminal TRM416 - LAN Messenger Client Software Linux
  • For receiving and presentation of messages
  • Automatic use - new messages will be presented within 1 minute automatically